Sunday, November 14, 2010

From the mouth of Babes and Meadow Larks

Went along to the Meadow Larks exhibition in Cirencester this afternoon, and just loved seeing all the work together. I knew it would be wonderful, but did not quite realise how wonderful. The Great Western Embroiderers have certainly produced some fantastic work again. One of the advantages of visiting on a sunday afternoon, is the Car parking is free.
These 2 images are close ups of a piece of my work on show, called ( not very originally) North meadow. The work is inspired by the natural 12 monthly cycle of the meadow, the colours reflect the harvest, the flooding and the frost. The imagery includes cattle, fritillaries and roman numerals. The materials are primarily, hand made and hand dyed felt, machine embroidery and hand stitch

Here is the view of the gallery from the street.
My daughter accompanied me, and we had a wonderful time chatting mainly about the exhibition.
It was whilst we were going round, that my daughter, revealed to me that 3 year old grandaughter took a session at her nursery school at story time last Friday, quite an occasion for someone who is quite shy. So I asked what did she talk about?
Imagine my surprise when I found out!.
She very bravely stood up and told all her classmates about the "special" pencil cases we made the other day and how good she is at using the sewing machine. It never ceases to amaze me how young children take everything in, and then reveal their thoughts to others. According to the teachers she remembered every detail of how we made them.
I am very proud of my grandaughter. Check her on the sewing machine here...

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Rachel said...

Good to see the baton being passed from one generation to the next - you can be proud of yourself as well as your granddaughter. Obviously you made it fun and memorable!