Monday, November 08, 2010

Open studio

I invited a few friends and neighbours to come along and see the studio now the builder has finished. Interestingly some of the lovely people I invited asked me what will I actually do in the space. I found finding the right words to explain quite difficult.

So in response I put some of my work and sketchbooks out for them to see what I do and how I will use the space. Certainly proved to be good talking points.

I have decided that I have some wonderful neighbours and friends... the response was very encouraging and the questions very searching and interesting. We also imbibed some wine in celebration. One of the advantages of inviting the neighbours, they can walk home and no worries about the drink and drive laws!

This morning I tidied everything away and then spent the afternoon finishing off and packing and labelling the exhibits for the Meadow Larks exhibition in Cirencester. More details soon.

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