Thursday, November 25, 2010

Danger---- artist at work!

Do you remember how tidy this space was? Click here if you need to refresh your memory...

I have been doing some more work on the sketchbook . A few health issues have kept me pretty housebound and the sketchbook has been quite a good distraction. I have really been messy though, but it is so liberating having all this space in the studio........!

I also ordered this book and it arrived today.... it has come highly recommended by a lot of my blogger mates and I am looking forward to reading it. Will let you know what I think when I have read some of it.

I asked this question on one of my Internet lists.. -how do you organise your machine threads ?- ... until now I have kept most of mine in plastic chocolate boxes, you know the boxes which have a brown base and clear top.
A couple of years back they changed the containers to totally clear and much squarer.... great for machine threads.... but the chocolates are becoming quite expensive AND.. I have to eat lots of chocolates.......

My Internet chums recommended these ---

The thread storage containers arrived very late yesterday afternoon after I had ordered them online, and they are really fantastic. they are filling up fast.
So no more chocolates for me for a while!


sandra wyman said...

Hope you enjoy the book - tend to be a bit cynical about many self help books but this one I found really useful! The thread containers too.

Your studio is now looking really healthy.

imvubu2003 said...

Your desk looks a lot like mine. Glad I am not the only one. :)

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Yes Sandra, am actually enjoying the book.
Good to hear other creative folks have messy desks. ;0)
Although I do have some of the neatest stored threads in the West!