Friday, November 19, 2010

Hanging in there!

Whilst these leaves are damp/wet they stay put on the front garden, as soon as they dry out they all migrate to my front porch. I appear to collect all the leaves from the neighbourhood on my front garden. All a bit like my children and their problems..... ;0) There seem to have been lots this year. ( of problems that is!)

However like this geranium which is still flowering , I am hanging in there, and am greatly spurred on by the studio space I now have. I found myself just sitting in there this morning and enjoying the peace and quiet.
I then took the opportunity to peruse my next set of commitments for exhibitions. 2011 at the moment will be a year of creating .. just one exhibition, and that's a small one..... but 2012 .... maybe 4 exhibitions.
That's a biggie, so must start to get designs and ideas together, that is of course if the galleries are still in business by 2012. All the arts grants are being culled in this economic climate and any spare money going to sports in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.. short sighted IMHO.

However in the spirit of optimism.. I dyed some fabric yesterday, to finish my first piece of artwork made in the studio.
My glass is half full and long may it continue as such....... to all readers whose glass is half empty, I shall say ----" cheer up, it may never happen". ---- those were my dear Dads favourite words.

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