Friday, January 24, 2014

A lot of red - and a short walk.

A few letters need to be posted, so a short walk was called for to the post box. The weather was dismal and grey.... but the redness of the post box shone out quite brightly. The complementary colours of red and green seemed to work particularly well too.

Instead of turning round to go home... I thought I would take a ten minute walk as it wasn't raining. The walk took me past the children's play area.... totally deserted today. Perhaps the children prefer to play indoors today. The bright colours caught my eye.... but there seemed to be a lot of moss too, a result of all the damp and rainy weather we have experienced.

This bush of red berries caught my attention on the way home.. it is national bird counting  here In the UK this weekend. We do not get many birds in our garden, but the countryside nearby is full of good things for them to eat, so my bird feeders are not as attractive to them. that's my excuse anyway.

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