Saturday, January 25, 2014

Be Creative

Myfanwy created a Facebook group ( for this weekend only) giving a series of prompts all through the day for spurring your creativity.  Have a look here.
This was my response yesterday to Prompt 1.... which was 6 circles. My first  thought was  round footballs... but then as usual, I make  it all my own.. and created oval rugby balls with faces, drawn with neocolour II in my sketchbook.
I then took a digital photo of the sketchbook page, and then played with layers in the free program called GIMP see here. I use it a lot and find it very powerful.
The resulting image above, I uploaded to FB. to the group page....... and obviously the next question is.. how to use it?
Have had thoughts about that too. I may print it onto fabric and then stitch into it. At the moment it will have to wait though... I have other work underway in the studio today. Its a small quilt that has been hanging on the wall, looking dejected and unfinished. So its time to give it some attention.
Right back to the studio and some being creative... this is fun!

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