Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hexagons .. English piecing patchwork

The storms have been raging all across the UK... so it has definitely been a time to stay indoors and hibernate.
I wanted some simple mindless stitchery to do, that I can easily put down and pick up again. So some very simple  English patchwork came to mind. I could not find my templates ( purchased 3 and a half decades ago!) so ordered some ready cut paper inserts from Ebay. Made me feel really lazy.... however it was a good choice, as the cut papers came speedily, and so I set about cutting some fabric.

I decided to use the tried and tested design of Grandmothers flower garden and was amazed at how quickly the rosettes came together. I also stumbled across Haley site which had a few quick tips on starting hexagons.. have a look here.
I last made a quilt....years ago.. started in 1977 ( Queens silver jubilee) and finished it in January 1978. It was a cot quilt, made for my youngest son.
 I had bought some Laura Ashley fabric offcuts from her shop in Clarendon Street in Oxford. There were not quite enough, and so I used some leftover fabric from some summer skirts I had made for my mother. These were all stitched together ( in front of the open fire to keep warm) by hand. The piece was then appliqued onto a strong blue backing. It has survived constant use..... but needs a little repair as you can see.


Charlton Stitcher said...

Good to see you back blogging and stitching again, Maggie ... but do I see GREEN ... surely not ...!

tinyshinythings said...

Lovely Maggie.

dorothypandorasbox said...

I really like those greens Maggie. I shall look forward to seeing the completed piece.

Myfanwy Hart said...

You've been busy, Maggie. Hope to catch up with you somewhere soon. Dorset Day?