Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Walk in the sunshine

I was starting to suffer with cabin fever, being cooped up indoors with all the storms,  so it was a good decision to go for a walk with the camera today in the sunshine. As you can see this road will be closed tomorrow, and so it was a good opportunity to have a closer look.

The flood waters along the lane are starting to disappear, but the footpath is very muddy still.

You may recognise this photo.. but there is  no snow!

 I just love the idea of the bridleway and the roundabout sign...  street furniture can be really inspiring.

 This particular field may be full of houses in a few years if the planners allow it...... such a shame.
This is becoming very rusty.. I think the telephone company have forgotten it exists.

Just to prove I was taking the photos... my shadow!

The planning notice on the post tells about the road closure for a month.

I did take my sketchbook for a walk as well, but it was such a cold wind that I got very cold and so had to keep moving. I am sorely tempted to use some of these images and develop a sketchbook  working in the studio. I know that Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney used their surroundings for inspiration for a whole body of work. That may be the way to go forward.
I found an inspiring interview with them on the web.. have a look here.


MargaretR said...

You have some great photos there Maggie, glad you enjoyed the walk.

snoopysgranny said...

As I come from your area and am also a stitcher, I look in on your blog now and again. It was lovely to see the sign for Purton and the photos. I haven't lived there for 47 years but still keep up with what goes on via the Purton magazine.
My 88 year old mum sadly had to leave Purton about 10 years ago but she remembers a lot of flooding around Cricklade when she was young.