Sunday, January 26, 2014

Studio work

The studio table was in a real mess by the time I had finished today, and this is my feeble attempt at tidying up. The weather was awful today.. it was raining ice at one stage, and late afternoon was getting very cold. So it was good to be cosy in the studio and working.

This is a small quilt that has been hanging in my studio unfinished for quite a while. it now boasts a backing, binding and sleeve. It may need a little more surface decoration in the form of embroidery. I am not sure, I do like the textures as they are.. 
The daylight was very poor, and so this is not a good photo. I have decided to  leave it hanging in the studio before I decide whether it is finished or not.
The weather forecasters are threatening some snow tomorrow, just hope they are wrong. I have some chores to do which involve going out.

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Charlton Stitcher said...

Do I recognise this lovely colourful piece? ... I think I do!