Friday, January 17, 2014

English patchwork - hexagons

It was good to get into the studio today and finish the hexagons I had started earlier this week. I still cannot believe I have used green fabric ! The larger patchwork is now a cushion cover, I have not bought the cushion pad yet, which is why it looks rather flat.
I have made the smaller hexagons into a pin cushion, with a hanging loop.
English paper patchwork is quite relaxing to do... and very easy... have a look here
The sun was shining this morning and I was hoping to go for a gentle walk around the area, but I had too many chores to do. After lunch it started raining , and I lost the willpower to go out in it. Instead I spent a most enjoyable afternoon in the studio, as you can see.

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tinyshinythings said...

Well done Maggie. You sound to me like a woman who never looses her willpower.