Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walking in the neighbourhood.

As I have mentioned here in a previous post.... street furniture can raise a smile. The formation of this cloud and others in the sky were very apt I thought.  At least the sun was shining..... we still seem to have had more than our fair share of rain just recently. So I thought I would just share my  recent walk with you again today.

This old stone wall was covered in ivy, old leaves and a tangle of roots. I wonder how old the wall is?

I used to drive up this road quite regularly..... it was very busy and a good connection to other main roads. It was shut permanently in 2000.. however the give way sign at the top of the hill is still in position.  Cyclists often use this road now, and so it may still be necessary.

A few more road signs have appeared at the junction of the other lane that has been temporarily shut.... there seem to be more signs every day - where do they all come from?
This tree is huge and  very impressive..... probably been here for a long time, and so I could not resist the temptation of some more images for the sketchbook.

I have used oil pastels again..... love blending them.

I have also made a small printing block, and this is printed onto fabric.
Did you notice the strange date today 14-1-14 (14 Jan 14)?

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