Sunday, June 18, 2006

How I feel

Think this piece of work (by one of my 6th form) says it all for me, at the moment. Trapped!

Sorry to all my regular readers and friends that I have not posted for a few days.
Sometimes the paid work takes over my whole life. As many of you realise I have exam commitments all over the South and West country, as well as my teaching, parents evenings and report writing. This week I have forgotten what my own creativity is!!

I think some of my family see me more like this at the moment!

There has certainly not been any thing in term of hands on pieces of work that I can claim as my own.......but I have been creative in other ways. I think we sometimes forget this, when there is nothing to see on our own workroom table. It is true to say I have been using my creative energies for others, and my colleagues and friends. So I am happy in that.


MargaretR said...

It's called 'end of term' feeling I think Maggie and I'm certain you are being creative through your students. Hang on in there not long to go before you can have a break to do your own thing.

Grumpy said...

I love the dame with the mad paper hair Maggie. Is she the work of one of your pupils?

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Yes Mags ---feeling the strain, but as you say not long to go. Yes this dame is the work by one of my students. will have to try and post the full picture. she is sitting on a chair and baeutifully dresses in newspapers. I'll see if i can find the image for you.