Thursday, June 29, 2006

School trip to the big "smoke"

You may remember me saying a little while ago I was planning a school trip to London. Although why it is fondly called the big smoke is not really relevant on a sunny day like today. We left school at about 9am and the traffic on the mortorway was fairly heavy. I had prepared a booklet for the students to read on the coach about the visit and they all had taken their sketchbooks too. It was a fairly quiet journey, the students were tuned into their ipods and other earpieces. The weather was clear and sunny, very pleasant

Suddenly realised we were on the Western Avenue in London when we passed the Hoover building and travelling past Northholt airport a plane went over us and we could have reached out of the coach and touched the undercarriage. Students loved that. It was a light aircraft not a jumbo, but exciting all the same. Did you know the Hoover building has a preservation order? Also very strange it is owned by Tesco, and out of shot in this photo the signage states the fact.

There are some wonderful sights from the coach, for instance the Princes canal that runs through North London and Regents Park. Can just see the canal barge in the photo.

There are some colourful murals on buildings in this part of London too.

The windows of this building were mirror glass, catch those reflections. It was at this point, the students were really loving the buildings and the scenery and were asking the driver if he could show them the sights of London. One bright spark claimed " It is art Miss - all these buildings". I do love to see familiar sights through the eyes of students, it opens up a whole new world. We arrived at the British Museum in Russel Square just after 11 am. I will continue blogging tomorrow. Its getting late now and I am feeling tired and have a full day at work tomorrow and 2 exhibitions to go to tomorrow evening. Its that time of year..

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