Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday Day trip

Had a lovely day out yesterday. Went up to London to see some relatives, very pleasant and relaxing. On the journey to London, we saw a very strange sight on the M4, we had noticed it before, but it was working yesterday. The smell of hops was very strong in the air, yes you have guessed, we saw this by the brewery outside Reading. A wind turbine is the sort of thing I expect to see in the middle of the countryside or in teletubbie land!.

I wasn't driving so I managed to finish my stitching. Its great to be a passenger. I will now need to decide what to do with the edges, which is one of the reasons I had looked at my work from years ago. I managed to finish the edges quite well for those. Not sure yet what to do , so will leave that for another day.


MargaretR said...

I love the colours and textures in this piece Maggie. I'm procrastinating again!

jackie said...

I did a small kantha piece years ago and keep thinking of having another go. I like the ripple like surface.

NuvoFelt said...

That is certainly a big wind turbine, isn't it, Maggie? We've watched it being built, it is really quite dominant now.