Sunday, June 11, 2006


Have spent most of the afternoon planning a school trip to the British Museum. We are going at the end of the month. I visited the museum over the Easter holidays to help me decide exactly what I wanted the students to focus on. Originally I had wanted to go to the V & A with them, unfortunately many of the galleries I wanted to use there are shut there. So we shall visit the British Museum in London instead. I was very impressed and inspired by the African Galleries. In fact the web pictures on this link do not do it justice.

There is a whole wall of these plaques in the African Galleries, I couldn't stop looking at them. When I returned home I played with the images and ideas in my sketchbook.

Here I am thinking about changing your head as you would change your clothes - according to you mood.

I then experiemented on the sewing machine and used a variety of fabrics and water soluable to try and create a raised effect like the plaques I has seen at the British Museum

The final images were embroidered on fabric and tissue paper and covered with acrylic wax. Then polished. I loved the effect. I did make one final piece of work and framed it. Having finished the piece at midnight on the Friday, it went in the exhibition on the Saturday morning, sold on the Saturday afternoon and I never saw it again! Still think the design work has a lot of mileage left in it. So this school trip may spark me off again. I really hope it sparks the students as well. We'll see at the end of the month. Meanwhile at the V & A I see they have a 60's exhibiton.......another trip maybe?

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MargaretR said...

Maggie, congratulations on selling your art so quickly. I can't blame whoever bought it for snapping it up. How can the ch'n in your care fail to be 'sparked' by the guidance. I once went to the Museum of Mankind in London and the African work was very inspiring there too.