Monday, June 26, 2006

The luxury of "me time"

Hectic week again, as you have probably gathered, not a spare moment to blog. Had a lovely weekend away at Urchfont Manor, which has revived me. Arrived on Friday evening, and was really too tired to function. after a good nights sleep, I spent Saturday sorting out many of my UFO's ( unfinished objects). On Saturday afternoon I had to complete a load of paperwork for work -it took four hours - but it meant I could then do my work for the rest of the time. We did not have a tutor this weekend, and I managed to get lots of bits of my own work sorted out, in my head, in my sketchbook and in my stash, that always feels good. Here is a little glimpse of work in action.

This was completed on the embellisher machine , I am really starting to enjoy working with it. I need to become a little more adventurous, but am happy. Have a lot more stitching to do to both pieces, but I am growing a nice little pile of pieces.

Nothing too exciting to look at, but it is work in progress. On Sunday, the traders Winefrid Cottage came and needless to say I could not resist parting with some of my hard earned cash.

A few handstitching threads, some quilting wool and a machine bobbin ring holder. I also bought a book.

Its a lovely book, but what really caught my eye was this:-

Thought this would make a good project for me over the summer holidays, the practise at dying all those different colours would be good for me, and then I can hang the quilt in my new classroom in September. The whole school is moving to a new building and a new site.......but that's another story!!! You probably understand why I am a bit busy. Just to let you know, if you live within travelling distance of Urchfont in Wiltshire, it is the Textile Exhibitions weekend next sunday, look here for details


MargaretR said...

I can imagine how busy you are with moving to a new buiding Maggie.
But you sound as if you had a very relaxing, worthwhile visit to Urchfont. I am going to have a few days like that muself soon hopefully. I will be going to a place called plas Tan y bwlch, no tutor, just play!

MargaretR said...

Sorry about all the spelling mistakes in the last post(g)

marion said...

I waaaaaaaant an embelllllllllisher !!!!!!! Ahem.

Are you enjoying using hte embellisher?