Saturday, June 03, 2006

Inspiring Invitation

Recieved an invitation to share the presentation I gave to the local Arts Community recently referencing the Abstract Art work, the local Art Gallery and students work.

The organisers wish to have a copy of my presentation to put on their "new" website, as part of the minutes of the meeting.

As you can see the reports at the moment are very "static " and wordy. Thought I might agree, it would help the organisers to liven up the minutes of the meetings and make them look more in keeping with an Art ethos. Besides these students are the artists of the future and need all the support they can's tough out there. I feel sure you would agree?


Dorothy said...

I love those two pics Maggie. You have a vrey talented bunch of students.
They both look very stitchable to me.

Helen Cowans said...

Maggie, Keep encouraging those new artists. The pictures are great.