Sunday, May 13, 2007

Basque Stitch

Gosh .... I managed to get the TAST challenge stitched since I last posted. Have also cooked dinner, cooked home made apple crumble and home made rock cakes......... quite a productive evening. Fed the animals too.

I made the decision to use only fabric and threads I had previosly space dyed myself. The threads were varigated as the procian dyes were lemon yellow and violet . I used the same dye batch for the linen evenweave fabric. One thread was quite thick, a shiny rayon, and I found this quite difficult to stitch through the linen fabric with it. The other two threads were cotton, medium weight and fine. These were really easy to stitch with.

Can you see the letter M...hope so. The photo is not brilliant , as I had to take it with flash switched is 11pm at night here after all.

Monday morning post note ( addition).
Have taken a photo this morning in daylight..... is it any better than the one I took last night with flash?

I will let you decide which photo you prefer.

These were the threads and the fabric I used. ( hand dyed with yellow and violet procian dyes)

Close up of the different weights of thread.


Kyra said...

Yes - can see the M... magnificant!

Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of England and the country side in your blog. Can see how the colors influence your artwork.

Best, Kyra

NuvoFelt said...

Lovely sample, Maggie. I'm just too far behind.....

Dy said...

What a gorgeous sample, it really glows. I like the second photo best, the daylight one