Monday, May 07, 2007

Remember Rain??

This was photographed last week in my friend's conservatory, where it usually flowers in August! It has been so warm and dry in England in April that nature is really surprising us.

Its so long since we have had any rain, it was actually quite pleasant to see some this morning.As I am sure these daisies will agree. My four water butts in the garden have been empty for a couple of weeks now, so I was getting concerned. Pleased to report that this morning they are all full again. Relief.

The rain was supposed to arrive yesterday. We worried about holding the family birthday BBQ as the weatherman had promised rain, we were lucky though, the rain held off. There was a very cold wind at times, but that did not stop us enjoying the garden and eating the BBQ outside, with jumpers on of course. This is England - after all! We are made of hardy stuff here in the northern hemisphere!

Post BBQ - time to relax, 4 on the garden swing, 1 standing and 3 on the trampoline. That's 8 accounted for. Where are the rest?

Thats another 3, makes 11. Still some missing.......................

Here's another 4, that makes 15, still 2 missing.................. where are they?

Latest addition to the family has the right idea, sleep off a full stomach.......... if only we could all do that ! Now in search of the others...........

Heard a sneeze, one of the problems of suffering with hay fever. The sneeze helped me find 1 more - that makes 16, still one missing............................... of course its me behind the camera. All accounted for. 17 in all.

Lots of people made for a lot of washing up, thank goodness for dishwashers.......... 3 washloads later and all the kitchen gear in the cupboards has been turned around and used. Any one for tea?

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