Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stitches Book

As promised in yesterdays post, here is the stich book I made. The outer cover is "J" cloths.

This is the front cover. The thread is a variegated, and hand dyed. It is a finer quality cotton thread. Great to work with. The stitches are straight stitches.

The back of the book uses the same thread and straight stitches too. The beads are all hand made too, from Fimo and others from glazed clay. The cord is made on the sewing machine and the book is quite soft as the backing to the embroidery is felt.

Inside the pages are brown wrapping paper, torn to size. Each embroidery stitch is completed in Anchor soft embroidery thread on a fine evenweave linen. It was fun to make.

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Fab Fibers said...

Excellant book of stitches! A great idea. Wonderful blog, I have always wanted to visit England. I too, have a Schnauzer (mini), she's the love of my life! I've marked your site and will be back often.