Monday, May 21, 2007

Butterfly chain Stitch - TAST -week 20

What a lot of headaches to get on the internet and into blogger this weekend....... I gave up in the end. So at last ...... here is my effort at this weeks challenge.

I decided to continue the idea of using primary and secondary colours for the thread. Whilst looking through my stash for the right colours. I came across something I had prepared for a class a number of years ago. Thought it was a good way of using up the stash.

I had taught a class on cross stitch and I used to design for a number of UK magazines. This was one of my teaching aids on colour. In the stash I found the threads I had used as well.

The threads felt as if they were inviting me to use them.

The background " fabric" was some dyed and marbelled "J" Cloths - I also found in the stash. They used to only be available in light blue, and they dye beautifully. I had dyed a batch dark blue and marbeled some of them. I think they are available in a range of colours. The advantage to the "J" cloths were they had perforations, unlike the cheaper all purpose cloths you buy from the supermarkets now. As this stitch would be easier to do on evenweave fabrics, I made my choice.

What I hadn't remembered was, the fabric is not as even after dying! My stitches came out a bit crooked. I enjoyed the exercise though and found it very satisfying to " chain" the groups of upright stitches together. As you can see I chose to use complementary colours of threads together.
I decided to back the J cloth with some yellow cotton. It does give a warm glow to the fabric, the subtlety may be lost in the camera image, but it is there in reality.
I also found a stitch book I had made out of a J cloth, but I will blog that another time ........I need to get some work done.


margaret said...

J cloths -- brilliant!

liz said...

I really like the j cloth idea, they would be great for the TAST. Never thought of them before:)