Friday, May 04, 2007

Tree Obsession

On a recent visit to Avebury, I admired the local amenities and the stones, but actually became totally obsessed by the trees.

The Swindon stone is magnigficient again, it had to be restored after some silly people threw paint over it. Continuing on our stroll around Avebury, we decided to walk across the site and I came across this clump of trees, and became totally obsessed by them.

They stood proudly at the top of a small incline.

This is a close up of the base. I could not resist taking lots of photos - almost spell bound by the trees.

This photo is taken from between the trunks.

Photo from the same position, but in the opposite direction. We then strolled back into the village to admire the school house and the church. We felt like tourists, but can you be tourists when the attractions are on your doorstep? Mmmmmm something to think about.

The school house with the teachers cottage to the left.

The church.

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Helen Suzanne said...

I love Avebury Maggie too, and remember being enthralled with the story "children of the stones" based there in the village... do you know it?