Saturday, May 05, 2007

sketch time

I have been stitching and embellishing today, for a series of journal quilts. It's good fun as I have given myself permision to try a number of different textile experiements. I am really enjoying the experience. Am not able to publish any photos yet. So ............

.............In the meantime I am evaluating a number of sketches I have completed this year. The sketchbook is devoted to making textures and how to interpet them in stitch. I have not got to the stitching bit yet. Will I ever, as I am enjoying all the mark making so much?

The techniques range from mono printing to using my favourite graphitint pencils. I have now purchased a few more colours. Just love to use them.

Ok - so am off to do some more sketching now. Will not be able to do much of my own stuff tomorrow as all the family are coming for a BBQ. The weather promises rain...... so that will be a challenge.
It is Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.......... it always rains! Have a great time ........

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