Sunday, May 13, 2007

A lazy sunday afternoon

After a strenous walk around the garden in the pouring rain.... its time to get in a comfortable chair for a Sunday afternoon nap, and to dry off..

In the meantime I decide to sort out my blog a bit more. Really needed to put more links on the blog as I get so frustrated looking for the blogs I like to read. So pleased I have made a good start to this... still lots more I need to put in -but that will be another day.
Snoring is starting to come from the other chair, as well as the smell of wet dog hitting my nostrils.

Whilst surfing the blogs I have noticed many of you getting involved with Tuesday stitching.Have often wondered what it was about. Great excitement today........ I found out...It is Sharon B. blog. I have also put a link in my link bar on the blog.

The excited howl from me woke someone up!

So I thought I might give TAST a go tooo........ so dug around in the studio and found an old box full of left over bits from C & G days. Seemed appropriate as I have been posting about the colour yellow recently and also complementary colours. Also be able to use up some of the UFO stash.

So have printed off the instructions for Basque stitch..... here goes...............did I read somewhere it needs to be posted on your blog on a Sunday? Better get going then................... what ??? I am 5 months behind the rest of you? Better late than never I suppose!

Someone else has gone back to his slumbers....... it's a dogs life!
Rain is still pouring outside....... miserable weather!

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Susan D said...

Welcome to the TAST challenge. I've had a lot of fun but I'm a few weeks behind as well. Don't worry about posting on a Sunday I just do it when I've finished a stitch. Look forward to seeing more of your work.