Saturday, May 12, 2007


Perhaps I should have titled this post differently. Seduced by textile goods ?

Went shopping in Cirencester. yesterday afternoon. In the pouring rain of course, so the shops were fairlly quiet for a Friday afternoon. Drove through rural Wiltshire and Gloucestershire to get there. The wild flora is certainly enjoying this wet spell of weather.

Popped into the craft shop of Brewery Arts, its is still housed in the theatre, I suspect the renovation work will be finished by the end of the year, the builders seem to be making good progress. Did not buy anything there though.

Then popped along to the sewing supplies shop and really had to buy some stuff there, as you can see! Then along to the Art shop at the back of the church. Just had to buy some "Inktense " pencils to try out.

I merely purchased the basic colours of the pencils, as I wish to experiment. I know that some of my internet chums love them. So thought I ought to give them a go. Think I am also being badly led astray by Gill . (of An Elegant Sufficiency - who knows this area well!)

The gold thread is needed for a project I hope to be working on soon. That is if I ever find the other reels after all the help I received from four-legged friend with the unpacking of my treasures!

I tried to buy a 5 reels of the same gold thread on e-bay. The bidding became silly - The thread sold for £18. Think some people have more money than sense when they are on e-bay! The postage was a pound and 5 reels X £2.45 = £12.25 total £13.45.......the buyer paid well over the odds!

Now why did I purchase the fat quarters of cotton...... you may well ask............I could dye my own. -Yes I know.- but when the local hobbycraft opened I bought a bundle of bright primary colours, and last week I did buy some more dyes. So I can dye some of my own..... when I get some time.

Meanwhile some more colour inspiration for you............

Yellow - of course.

Just for a change, some blue and white. These pansies were on special offer when they were babies. Well.....have to save some money somewhere.

Well Papoosue, lets see if these pictures will enlarge. Cross your fingers. Have followed your directions...... here's hoping.


Papoosue said...

Woo Hoo! Your pictures are enlarging beautifully - well done!

NuvoFelt said...

Maggie, she should have bought those madeira threads from us. We only charge £2.35!

Anna Nowicki said...

Maggie - oonly way I have to contact you - I know we ahve met at Urchfont!! THANKS FOR THE KICK IN THE PANTS TOO - I htink I will do some work today!! Lv ANNA