Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Art Exams

Today was exhausting, supervising the Year 11 art exam. The art exam is 10 hours long --- in other words -- two days of five hours each. Students manage to create a lot of work, but they do find it difficult as they usually experience art lessons in 50 minute bites! Today was the first five hour session, the next one is after Easter. We had 52 candidates in all, between two teachers.

We usually manage to create some wacky stuff......

This skeleton was fun, parts of him were replaced with X-rays, rubberbands, plastic bags filled with "blood" for intestines, and the Bones were painted with dots like Lichtensteins work.

The sketchbooks were small and placed on top of this "feely" box ( you put your hands into the black hole - to feel the squishy objects inside). The left over bones were used as decoration.

There is a macabre story goes with the skeleton. I was teaching a group of year 7 (11 year olds), and the skeleton was on the bench behind me. We were enduring very hot weather as it was a heat wave. The "blood" started to leak out of the intestines, and drip onto the floor during my talk and chalk. Some of the children went very pale and very quiet.......spooky but very effective.

A sample of the work a student creates over the course.

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