Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time for Hot Chocolate

Having lots of hot chocolate tonight, gas boiler has decided not to work, and DB (Mr fixit) has taken himself off to bed with the sickie bug. Have wrapped up warm, wearing 3 jumpers 2 cats and a dog, with the gas fire and oven on. However it's 1C outside...brrrrrrr..... the cold has restricted me a little tonight, have done a bit of drawing......

Did do a bit of machine Embroidery, I digitised it on the computer and then downloaded it onto the sewing machine, they are only samples. The machine can work on its own luckily, whilst I can sit by the fire to keep warm.

This next piece I assembled tonight before it got too cold, I had all the individual elements, but had not put them together. I was getting a bit cold, which is why I reverted to using the embroidery module which is happy to stitch on its own. As long as no threads break or run out, thats when it gets stressful!!

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