Monday, March 06, 2006

Colour choices

After getting home this evening from a Parents evening, where I had to do a lot of chatting, I needed to relax, so started playing with colour ideas.

I have made a right mess of the studio but it has gaven me the chance to dig out some ideas I worked on a while ago in my sketchbook.

These colour combinations and ideas have been heavily influenced by Julia Carpara. I have been working with her at Urchfont Manor Adult Education College, in rural Wiltshire. I belong to a masterclass there and she is our mentor and tutor. I find it invaluable being able to talk to her about my work, and we identified the fact that I need to start to develop my colour work and try unusual combinations. So this is the start. really it is just playing, but very enjoyable playing.


MargaretR said...

Lucky you having Master Classes with Julia Caprara.

Elle said...

I love seeing the inspiration thought processes of others! Thanks for sharing.