Monday, March 27, 2006

Arts Chatter

Went to a meeting tonight of the local arts network. The meeting was held at the National Trust headquarters, here in Swindon. Its a new building and has some wonderful weavings hanging from the ceiling, they were well above my head height, so I found it difficult to admire them properly.

Our meeting was in a side room and very pleasant too. Did my networking bit, there was a tour of the building on offer, but unfortunately it was getting late and my stomach was reminding me I hadn't eaten yet, so I had to give it a miss.

As the light was too poor to take good photos inside of the building at the National Trust, thought I would treat you to some photos of some constructed machining I did last summer. It was pieces of fabric stitched together, the reason it is on a washing line drying is because I sandwiched the layers beween cold water soluable fabric. Since i have done a lot aof handstitching through the layers.....all in neutral colours.

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Gill said...

Maggie, I've seen pics of that building and it looks very interesting indeed. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

(I'm off to the hairdressers now, which must mean it's six weeks since we got together!)