Monday, March 20, 2006

Stitching choices

Played with backgrounds a bit more this evening. One of the drawings in colour from yesterday inspired the work. I rather like the way the colours merge together, and some of the colour exercises I have been doing with my students have been influential. Also an aura of Expressionism.

This one was completed using colour pencils, I do not think colour pencils give enough colour depth for my liking oil pastilles or paint is better.

This is densly machined using free machine embroidery, a technique I particularly enjoy. The fabric is neutral Calico ( USA muslin), which has been so heavily stitched that the fabric is invisible. Again is inspired by some of the drawing I have been doing. I have enjoyed doing these samples, maybe there will not be a "finished" piece, just a series of visible thoughts and inspirations ( if that makes sense?).

A bit of hand stitchery, very soothing to do whilst watching TV.

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