Sunday, March 19, 2006

Uncertain? Then use Charcoal

Its been a weekend of recovery, and long overdue. Have definitely been feeling deprived of creativity lately. Not because I have not wanted to do it or not had inspiration, but not having enough waking hours in the day. I take some inspiration from Tom Phillips, who claims if you are unsure then get out the charcoal and large paper.

Here(above) is an example of some large charcoal work, straight out of the head, no thinking! Can you tell? I completed it a short while ago, whilst working with Julia Carpara, and I actually find it inspires me to start the creative journey again, if I put it up on the wall. It measures about 1 metre by 50 cms.

Once I have loosened up a bit today, I did some more drawing...... those wretched heads again..... pencil and colour.

I have left the collages for another day, I want to use the embellisher, machine embroidery and hand embroidery, as yet though do not have a clear picture in my head how it might look. So I thought I would just doodle around the theme and see what happens. Really just played and
enjoyed myself and thought I would share the outcomes with you..

Hope they are not too scary for you.


MargaretR said...

What a lovely charcoal drawing you did with JC, just my sort of curvy shapes. Ooh I just love curves.

Your heads are very interesting. What set you off on heads I wonder? Have you always liked drawing heads?

Grumpy said...

Love the blue and pink loose man Maggie.