Thursday, March 30, 2006


Home late tonight after the lower school play ( year 7 and 8). It was however most enjoyable, it was the musical Wizard of Oz. The students loved performing and were very good. Another show tomorrow night, suspect the students will be very tired by time it gets to the weekend.

We are moving to a new school in the autumn thank goodness, and I have to say the stage curtains tonight were looking past their sell by date, ( and it did not help knowing that we had used the hot glue gun to keep them together! ) The flats were also looking a bit sad, despite the fact we had underpainted them quite liberally. However none of this detracted from the fantastic performance. It is nice to know that our next play/musical will be in a wonderful new setting. Some very proud parents and teachers tonight.

These Photos were taken whilst on holiday in the Sauerland in Germany, we found a commercial artist that creates these wonderful sculptures, I wish I could remember their names so I could find their website again. Not that I could afford to buy the work, it was very expensive, even though I would love to have one in my garden. Aren't they fantastic?

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Liz said...

These remind me of some huge insects in Crafts in the Bay in Cardiff made from found materials - my kids were intrigued enough for a few minutes to allow me to look at the other stuff on display!