Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spring Flowers

Awoke this morning to a severe frost, but by lunchtime , wonderful sunshine. As you know have been rushed off my feet by the day job, and I have not seen the garden in daylight at all. What a lovely surprise to find these anenome's ( Well at least I think that is what they are?) lurking in a corner pot down by the shed. Dashed out to the front to look at the crocuses I have posted pictures of before, they were opening cheerfully too.

Nature is unbelievably clever at lifting our spirits, a few flowers and sunshine, and I'm smiling. Will never be a gardener though, I cultivate too many weeds, you may have noticed.


Deb H said...

Nice to see some places are warm & spring-like. I'm still buried under a foot of snow!

downunderdale said...

Glorious flowers Maggie - Spring is a wonderful time of the year - here we have summer, summer and off summer and the poor spring flowers never know if they are up or down - under- Dale