Thursday, March 23, 2006

More sketching

More sketching ..... This is a 5 minute coloured pencil sketch on fairly strong cartridge paper, which I have then stitched into with the machine, in straight lines also a quick process. Not sure where these pieces of work are going, at this point I do not think it matters. Just pleased to be creatively producing for myself.

Few more sketches, faces again! Also an Indian decorative quality to the sketches today , as a result of a tutorial I gave today to one of my Year 13 students about Mehndi patterns. These patterns are fascinating for their decorative qualities and we became quite enthused. I had just finished showing her the intricacies of silk painting, and her interest in Indian art is very strong. She is from Goa, however she is not Hindu, so had an intense interest in the Mehndi culture. We also talked and researched the origin of Paisley designs. Fascinating stuff.


Gill said...

I love it when there's an opportunity to share an enthusiasm like that, Maggie - and what a rich seam to mine. Don't know much about Mehindi patterns, but love the swirls and the energy that I see in them.

Helen Cowans said...

Hi Maggie, I love Mendhi patterns and have some books on the subject - my 5yr son has also been studying these. Must be all the range atm! Helen

MargaretR said...

Do your pupils realise how lucky they are I wonder?