Monday, March 13, 2006


Find it hard to believe I have not made an entry for a little while. Have been enjoying myself this weekend with burning with a soldering iron. The soldering iron has quite a fine point and is wonderful for mark making. The fabric is a selection of scrap fabrics, sandwiched between some synthetic fabric. The top fabric must be synthetic, and depending what you use for the scrap fabrics, some will burn through some will not.

As you can imagine you need to be aware of health and safety, such as wear a mask, work in good ventilation and have a bucket of water at the ready to throw the fabric into if it catches fire!

It is an incredibly satisfying way of using up some of the spare fabric stash. I have made this particular piece of burned fabric into a bag, which is lined with a delicious piece of silk. The strap is twisted fabric. I have not totally decided upon the closure yet, perhaps a button.

The day job has been very demanding, with exam coursework to mark and today interviewing for new staff. Cuts into time for creativity and also have to go for a moderation of exam work meeting later this week, that's quite tiring too, but most useful as we help to set the standards for marking of the exams..


MargaretR said...

I just love your bag Maggie. I have used a soldering iron, but never tried it your way. Why, oh why am I the sort who wants to try every lovely technique I see? Must try it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lovely work for you to do to relax from the 'day job'.

Grumpy said...

I love that wee bag with no visible seams Maggie. I make it sometimes but have never found a satisfactory was to attach a handle. What's you're plan?

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Sally I tend to handstitch it all along the side of the bag, it is not all that strong......but it stops me stuffing my bag full of Junk/essentsials!!