Friday, January 18, 2008

Awake and working on TIF Challenge

Mr Siamese has been a just trifle miffed with me after my previous blog post , and wants me to assure you he is my most wakeful, helpful and trusted artistic assistant..... so whilst he was posing on my sewing machine waiting for lunch, I was busy getting my images from my sketchbook onto my fabric for the Take it Further Challenge.
Think I will be doing some heavy FME next..... but may change my mind yet.


juanita sim said...

Hi Maggie, I am interested in a comment that you left on 'Meg in Albuquerque's' blog about sandwiching threads between cold water soluable fabric and then stitching densly over the top to create a new piece of fabric. I have so many thread scraps and love the colours all messed up together. I would love to make a piece of fabric out of them. Could you tell me what cold water soluble fabric is, who makes it or where to buy it and maybe a bit more about the process. Thanks! I'll stop back later to see how the machine embroidery turned out on your TIF piece, your colours are wonderful.

Dorothy said...

Hi maggie,
I was thinking about the Siamese and Herr Schnauzer today when I watched a sloppy sentimental picture about stray dogs and a cat today on the telly. The cat turned up trumps when the dogs got stolen for laboratory tests. She climbed up the back of the van door and let them all out! I bet Siamese could do that! grin