Monday, January 28, 2008

Just for Potter fans

No,this is not for the Harry fans but the Beatrix fans. Went to Gloucester today , not to meet Dr Foster, but Gill, of Elegant Sufficiency fame. Had a great time looking at some new toys.
Click here for the nursery rhyme.
Could not believe it but did not need to wear my wellies, as it did not rain. Anyone familiar with the nursery rhyme will know that he did not go there again because he stood in a puddle....... I would like to return ot Gloucester and have a more leisurely look at the Cathedral.
Great place. They also had some colourful mosiacs on the pavements.... forgot to take a photo....maybe next time.
Go over to my photo a day blog to see a brilliant door -click here.


sweet insect said...

The cathedral is very well worth at least a couple of hours, parts of Harry Potter were filmed in the beautiful cloisters. So you know what to do if it does rain on your next visit! Pleased to meet you, thanks for your offers of support, Lizzie

Liz said...

Oh good, the shop is open again!! Last time I was there it was all empty... they must have been refurbishing it, but I thought it was closed for good. Hurray!