Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quiet Day

Quiet day --- For some any way, Siamese decided to have a duvet day, whilst the rest of us toiled away at our work. Its all right for some! Have to add, this is not the first time he has been known to have one of his special days. It is becoming something of a habit. Are we jealous? You bet!

The planned stitchery and design work did not happen again over the last 2 days, yesterday was a mad dash to A & E when eldest son put the electric drill bit through his finger. I indulged in some name calling, and interestingly his sister used exactly the same expression! There's a united family for you. Pleased to say not too much damage, lost the nerve in his right ring finger between the knuckle and the finger tip and a slighlty chipped bone..... just pleased it was his right hand as he is a south paw!

Today I had the delight of looking after 2 of the other grandchildren whilst daughter in law visited her mother in hospital. We had great fun on the computer using the programm Kid Pix.. they loved it. ( so did I) . Then bangers and mash ( sausages and creamed potatoes ) for dinner, with ice cream to follow. Truly childrens food - great!

So this evening I have looked longingly at a sketchbook that is prepared and waiting for me, I have an exhibition later this year and had thought I would use this, and display it at the exhibition too. Only trouble is I am too tired now to make a start. Have to confess I am also fed up with going to the local hospital -- 5 times since Saturday -more than enough for me. Good thing I am healthy!


Angelcat said...

Your kitty is adorable, that picture definately melts my heart. Your sketch book looks wonderful. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the family dramas die down enough for you to find some time to work in it,

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Maggie, you've done amazingly keeping up with all the demands on you. No one would blame you if you took a leaf out of yon puss' book you know ;). I think I'd hide there for at least a week :)

sandra wyman said...

Aaaargh! The drill thing had me shrieking in horror! Don't beat yourself up: you're still doing a lot and the sketchbook looks wonderful! Sounds like you need to take a break and curl up with Siamese - what a gorgeous photo. My 3 permanently hogging the rug in front of the fire or the sofa at the moment!