Thursday, January 10, 2008

Promises, Promises

Got up early especially this morning ... sorted out all the gear from the Day school, set everything up to finish the machine stitching I had shown you yesterday, ready for after breakfast. Ate my porridge like a good girl, then sorted my emails and post. All ready to go to the studio and work.

Then the phone rang........ my daughter.. could I go round for a cup of tea. So yes of course I can. Whilst at my daughters, the phone call came from the hospital, my son in law needs an operation and he is now an emergency ... so he will be going in to hospital on Saturday morning at 7.30am.
I will be looking after her 3 children whilst she takes him to be admitted.

When I got back home I was not able to work at all.......I sorted all sorts of different stuff out. Real displacement activity. Surfed lots of blogs, found a wonderful silly programm on one blog, (apologies I did not make a note of whose it was.) So I played with it.. took my mind off things.

If you have some time to spare do have a play -click here.

Serves me right for promising to finish the machining today. Another day tomorrow. At least the studio is all set up and waiting.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh my! I love Scribbler. It's so much fun!