Thursday, January 03, 2008


Took all the Christmas decorations down yesterday and put them away for next Year. The house always looks so bare after they have disappeared. The Christmas cactus has been flowering for a long time now........ but this is the last bud. I could not resist playing around with the photo in PSP7.

Have not done that for a while ,.. must do some more this year. Sounds like a resolution ...OOOps

The UK is having a real attempt at re-cycling, certainly we are all separating our rubbish into different bins. I suspect we could all add this as one of our New Years Resolution.

Personally I feel manufacturers, really need to look at their methods of packaging. Why so much
Most of my waste is from supermarket plastic packaging.... although I try to be very careful.
I recall when I was first married, and found I had to do some serious food shopping or else starve, there was far less packaging of food. For instance:

The butcher used greaseproof paper and clean newsprint for wrapping meat.

At the greengrocers, we took a net to have the potatoes tipped into after weighing and all the other root vegetables went in on top. Fruit was packaged into brown paper bags.

At the Bakers, your bread was either wrapped in a strong tissue paper or into special paper bags, same with cakes.

At the sweet shop, most sweets were dispensed into white paper bags.

At the Fish and Chip shop the fish supper was put onto white newsprint and then as an insulation to keep it warm wrapped in old newspapers.

Why can't we have the return of paper bags for our goods.... surely we can now use re-cycled paper?

At the grocers or either used your own bags to carry the goods home or in a shopping trolley, or cardboard box. When I had a big silver cross pram, it had a shopping tray underneath..... brilliant.
I do try to take my own bags to the supermarket as often as possible. I have never liked the notion of advertising to everyone where I shop, through plastic bag logos!
I have been making Morse bags for a little while now ( link is on the sidebar)

One of the lists I belong to is also making a bag a month .... here is the January bag...... brilliant idea Kandy. Before long we will be leaving all the plastic bags at the checkout! Yes!

Looked around the garden today and realised just how wintery it looks . I was looking for opportunities to take photos..... I have just started another blog.....called Maggies 365 photos click here to see my first offerings. The idea is to take a photograph every day. Should be fun. This is part of the compost bin... my Birthday flowers. So recycling again.
However I still need my car....... despite years of attempts.... I still cannot ride a bycycle. That will not be on my New Year resolution list. The rest of this post will.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I remember the "old days" with paper packaging. OK, so sometimes something leaked right through the paper, but not often. Plastic si such a wasteful thing in all ways, sin't it! Here in NZ we grow huge forests of trees to make paper, so I regard paper as an entirely renewable and sustainable resource. One of our major supermarket chains is seriously considering using teh old-style brown paper bags instead of the plastic monstrosities!