Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy hands

I have had the most wonderful day today working on the project I am managing, which involves in service Art training for Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers. I invited the artist Philip Cox to come and work with us. check his work here. This must be the ultimate in recycling.

All right we were also using hot glue guns... and my goodness I wish I had asbestos fingertips. It is so easy to burn the fingertips. I discovered you also need quite strong fingers to manipulate the cardboard.

We folded, cut, moulded and cajoled the cardboard into these wonderful "people". We placed them all together at the end .... it was quite frightening, as these characters had so much attitude.

Meanwhile back home , our elderly moggy, decided she would steal the limelight today.
Thsi is her normal day and at 17 and a half years old... we generally let her enjoy her peace, especially as she is totally deaf... so never hears us either.
Today she proved there is nothing wrong with her other senses. I had thought the local vermin were safe, however today she caught a mouse! So despite her elderly years, she has lost none of her most important skills, so there is hope for me yet!! What a clever girl she is.


Zaz said...

wow! lucky you - I love Philip Cox's stuff and have done since the 1980s!

the heads are fantastic - are you going to do more with him?

Love the old lady too :0)

Helen Cowans said...

Love those faces :) And agree about glue guns - ouch!

Maria del Valle said...

I like very much the heads friend!!! because I have another works by art And the cats really love. I am waiting for a British pussycat very eager.
A kiss

Angelcat said...

Those heads are amazing what a fun day you must have all had!