Friday, January 11, 2008

Been and gone and done it

You will be pleased with me today, I have managed to finish the stitching. Took two and a half hours of solid stitching. Had to stop every half hour to let the motor on the sewing machine machine cool down. So that made it take all afternoon.

Here is the bargain Bernina I bought on e-bay, having a well deserved rest, as you can see a bit battered, but I will repeat myself.... it can really stitch.

On reflection it is probably it is a good idea, from a health and safety point of view, for me to rest every half an hour from this intensive activity. I tend go right away from the sewing table and do other things. Hope fully doing that will help to prevent me getting RSI.

So here is the embroidery.. hot off the sewing machine..... and I mean that literally.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to help my daughter.....just hope the weather improves... we have severe flooding again... and it is snowing at the moment. The forcast is for more snow and then Ice overnight and treacherous driving conditions. What fun! If the journey tomorrow was not so important.. I would stay in bed. Just hope the hospital staff make it in.


Susan said...

Your recent stitching is so up beat, colorful, and lovely. You obviously work well no matter what else is going on in your life! Keep it up! I look forward to seeing more
Thanks for the recent comments on my blog!

verobirdie said...

This must have been an intense activity indeed, but worthwhile. It is beautiful.
I too try to rest regularly when I'm on the sewing machine. It helps the back!
Hope everything is OK for your son in law. Best wishes to him.

Dorothy said...

Gosh! That looks like hard work! It was worth it though, very well done you. And yes, oyu are quite right that many rests are needed when doing that sort of stitching.
Hope all goes well today... everything is crossed for you all!

Anna said...