Thursday, January 24, 2008

Full Steam ahead

On behalf of the Textile group Great Western Embroiderers Kath and I had a meeting with officials at Steam Museum in Swindon.

Click here to see details about the Museum. This used to be a railway town in the Victorian era, and it was built by Brunel as a tea stop for the passengers to the West Country and a Engineering centre for the engines and rolling stock. The town had existed long before as a country market town.

We are planning to put together an exhibition of textiles, based on the artefact's and nostalgia in the Museum... we are very excited about this. We have arranged our first sketching session at the start of next month, with a view to a small exhibition during their Festival in September 2008. We would like to develop closer links with the Museum, and create a more substantial exhibition next year based on our sketched at the Museum. I think this could be very exciting. So watch this space I will keep you informed as it progresses.

Such excitement.. cannot wait to start...... where are those sketchbooks?

Herr Schnauzer is sulking again- accusing me of favouritism on my previous blog postings towards his furry play mates.

So here he is, looking very hairy, I really must remenber to make an appointment for his haircut !


Gerry said...

Just popping in to say, HELLO. I've been reading but not commenting - again. LOL.

BUT I just couldn't resist when I saw that darling face. How handsome he is!!!

jordiw said...

He IS very handsome, leonine in a doggy way. I also have to admire your other furry ones, especially the older one. She is still looking good. My Siamese lived to be 21 almost 22 and I miss her still. Siamese are such creatures of their "ownselves" as a friend of mine used to say. They know who they are in every situation.

LOVE the cardboard head also. Marked that one for future thoughts..