Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now you see you don't

Remember these.....?
They have both gone.... eaten!
The day school was wonderful was really relaxing... did not quite finish my piece of work, but non - the - less, will share with you. I took my cheap £30 e-bay purchase sewing machine with me ( Ex school Bernina) It performed brilliantly ... it looks beaten up, but my goodness, it can stitch.
This is pictoral machine stitching. Great fun.


Annica said...

The cakes look really good! So does the stitched piece!

Helen Cowans said...

The class sample looks great! Who was the tutor???

sandra wyman said...

The stitching looks really interesting!
BTW have nominated you for a Make My Day Award - details on my blog.

Lynn Douglass said...

I enjoyed looking through your blog, and this stitched piece is fabulous!

Karin Hammel said...

Love the stitching! I was looking for a way to stitch a flower bud and here it is. Thanks for this great inspiration!