Thursday, May 25, 2006

A day out but working.

Work took me into the depths of the Wiltshire countryside today. Right into the middle of the county. I took the cross country route, it may have been a little quicker to reach the destination via the motorway, but it is more miles and not nearly as beautiful. All this in the quest of Art, life is wonderful. After I had done the business for the Art exam at the destination .........I had a glorious journey home. Compared to my outing last night, the weather today was ...well ...see for yourself.

Of course it is inevitable that traffic lights would stop my journey at intervals on the way, however being forced to stop did give me the opportunity to snapsome pictures. The round building is the new public library and there is a wonderful stainless steel face in front of it ( follow the blue arrow). If I had tried to take a picture whilst driving past I think I would be breaking the law!!! One day I will stop and take a proper photo. I'm sure many of you locally will recognise where it is. Don't we have a lot of street furniture/junk on our pavements?

Next stop, due to pedestran lights, was in a small town just outside Swindon. You can see what a wonderful vehicle I had been following for miles and miles and miles!!

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