Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well Sally has thrown out a challenge, asking us to submit some line drawings of tarts. This could be really interesting, Gill and Sara have already sent theirs to Sally.

I do not want to be left out of the game......I want to play too...... so what do you think folks?

Which one shall I call treacle? Or maybe Jam? Then there is custard and apple too. Such a lot of choices, back to the drawing board! Or maybe that is not what Sally meant when she said tarts!


Zaz said...

wonderful tarts !!! but you get t play in colour!! doesnt it make a difference - she looks really ......well........tarty! :0)

looking forward to seeing the interesting developments!


Sande said...

What fun! Interesting technique and colors. Yup, she does look like a tart.
(thanks for visiting my blog...I always try to look up the sites of fellow quilters and're is very nice and totally interesting.)