Sunday, May 07, 2006

Paperwork and Designing


Brilliant birthday party yesterday and very tasty cake.

However today .......back to reality and the paperwork. Loads of it.

As promised though I have also found a few minutes to work on my art. You may recall I was very enthusiatic about Sally's faces that she had drawn on the machine. I had photographed one of the faces in particular and then printed it in black and white.

I thought I would put it in my graphics tablet and take the essential lines , which are very energetic. In the end however I discarded the photo and drew freehand , trying to capture the essence of Sallys energetic drawing with the sewing machine.

You are probably wondering what I want to do with the drawing. Well if I import it into my sewing machine software I can start playing with it on the sewing machine. I have shown pictures previously on my blog of some finished pieces of stitchery. Here are examples of ones that you may recognise as I have posted the photos before..

I then have to manipulate the images in either Windows Paint! or in Paint shop Pro, so the designs are suitable for digitising and downloading to the sewing machine. Its great fun.

The part I love the best is playing with the threads/fabrics and distortions that are possible with the sewing machine. I would never be able to buy a commercial design and just stitch it. The fun with these machines is to make them really work to do what I want.

Here are the print outs, they look scary!

This is the one I did before, I made it into a cushion cover......... not with Sally's Face though. Now need to transfer it to the memory card of the sewing machine. Then I can at last start stiching and playing. Hope fully some time this week.


Grumpy said...

Wow Maggie, these are fab! Such a compliment. Hope they are going to be part of the collab in some way. Or has the collab turned into a series!

I feel a bit of a cheat. That's the face I always doodle. Have done for donkey's years. If you look at the recenelty posted glue and leaf mould drawing, it's the same geezer!

The only reason my drawings look energetic is that I have zip zero patience. My favourite artist Felix Tpolski with his wonderful scribby captures of life.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Yes Sally, feel sure these will feature somewhere in the collab/series. Kepp drawing!