Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happily Stitching

Have been stitching happily this afternoon whilst dearly beloved has been watching the footie on TV. Had meant to make a start last night, but fell asleep in front of the TV.

So having downloaded the image into my sewing machine, I did some test stitching first and then started playing. the test stitching above used felt as the base fabric. It can get a bit springy in the hoop, so needs constant tightening. If the felt gets too loose it can break a needle. Guess who has done that a few too many times.

Next I laid some pieces of fabric over the felt ( I held them in place with 505), then stitched into the pieces of fabric. Then I had a huge problem....... went to rethread the needle using the needle threader and the spring fell out of the machine, which meant I could not use the machine. Try as I may, I could not see where the spring had come from. Felt a bit of an idiot, and had to summon assistance from the football addict. Repaired in the half time break ( from football that is ) and I was back in action.

After taking it off the machine , I trimmed it a bit and am quite plleased with the result. Wanted to do some more, but I needed to finish the ATC's that I have been doing for Dale, here is a picture of one of them .....still not quite finished.....

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Grumpy said...

Hmmm, Maggie! Looking interesting! Come Thursday I'll be able to turn my thoughts to the collab again.