Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Travelling Challenge

A very good friend gave me this plant, it changes with the seasons. I think it is fantastic.

After some deliberation, I am sending the artistic challenge back to my friend Sally to play with. Thought I may be able to do some more, but would like to pass over to Sally and watch her play and experiment probably far more adventurously than me.
So I hope to be able to put the "bits and the CD photos" in the snail mail shortly.

Tomorrow I have to travel to Solihull - which is somewhere in middle England- for a conference. Solihull is on the way to Scotland, but I may trust the Postal service locally to take my package away and deliver it safely to its second home. Thinking I might take my camera with me to solihull, and take photos of the motorway and countryside, as a record of the journey. Isn't it amazing when you start blogging the strange pictures you take?

Just heard it is going to be the warmest day of the year tomorrow 22C..... a day to wear the linen ....not yet acclimatised to these high temperatures.....yesterday morning was 7C here. Vive la difference!
These flowers seem to have burst out since the weekend. Last time I looked they were not there.

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MargaretR said...

The flowers at the top grow here too and I have always loved them. I asked my neighbour who lives in the ground floor flat if I could take photos of it yesterday as it looks so good just now. She said it's called 'flames' or 'fire' or something similar. I'm not very good with plant names.