Monday, May 01, 2006

Washing the feet, body and faces

With trembling and trepidation ( that reads scared for E2L readers), the feet went in first, to the washing machine and then the dryer, followed by the body, followed by the faces. Would any of them change dramatically? None of us could predict the outcome.

For the perfectionists and scientists amongst you ( or just the plain curious), I used the wool cycle on the machine, 40C and short wash, with regular wash powder and fabric conditioner. Husband did ask "what are you washing?" and rolled his eyes knowingly when I explained what we were up to. Dryer was set on medium heat and automatic time.

Whilst waiting and to help pass the time... bird watching in the garden was a distraction.

So to the results.

Firstly the Feet:............

So here we are inspecting the washed and dried feet for damage. Its that nose again, (the Schnauzer stitching inspector I shall call him from now on) never noticed that nose until after I had taken the photo.

You will have noticed damage, no distress to the fabric, has it shrunk? Don't know as I didn't measure it. To be honest I did not think anything would be left. Is this my excellent washing skills? Is it the excellent work of the embellisher? I really do not know. So lets check out the rest of the washing. Normally I can shrink wool just by looking at it what has happened?

The body............ no change!

The faces change! They do smell good though! What else can I say? I am surprised.

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Grumpy said...

Hmmmmm, curiouser and curiouser Maggie. Were to from here?